Calling All Song Writers to a FAST-Shirt Competition

FAST is short for, “Finish A Song T-Shirt” Competition – If your entry wins, not only will your name and school name get printed on the T-Shirt, but you could also win a Nokia 303 phone for yourself!!!

ToffeeTV is a digital initiative that produces Urdu songs, stories and activities and it’s Ovi store app is powered by Nokia! The ToffeeTV team, together with Nokia, will be producing T-Shirts for the ISEO, but needs your help:

FAST is short for, “Finish A Song T-Shirt” Competition. ToffeeTV works hard to produce a LOT of songs and now we’d like to choose THREE of YOUR most creative verses to print on our T-Shirts to give away at the ISEO this year. Want to know more? Here’s how this works:

  • We selected 3 of our songs;
  • We are giving you a part of the verse; and
  • We want YOU to CHANGE the lines that are in gray color (see below, beneath each song) in the verse so it is funnier!
  • You can click on the three links to listen to the song and also match a similar meter;
  • We will select 3 of the best submissions and print YOUR verse with YOUR full name and school name!
  • Deadline for submission to must be BEFORE Tuesday January 24th, 2012 at 5pm.
Here are the 3 songs we need your help with:


  • Language can remain English, Urdu or Minglish;
  • You can submit as many (or as few) entries as you like;
  • All words must be child-friendly; obscenity or profanity will not be accepted;
  • Deadline for submission to must be BEFORE Tuesday January 24th, 2012 at 5pm.
  • Please include a phone number where we can contact you and confirm your entry;
  • You or your school need not be participating in the ISEO 2012, however you must be a school student;
  • ToffeeTV and Nokia reserve the right to reject any entry without reason;
  • If you have any questions, please email us at: or look us up on our Facebook page.

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